Welcome Translators

PeepSo Translation Project has a new home!!

If you already had the pleasure to translate PeepSo using Crowdin, you’ll be at home with our interface. It is very similar to the one used on Translate WordPress website. In fact, it is the same, so if you had a chance to translate WordPress to your language, you’ll immediately be familiar with PeepSo translation editor.

To start with translations, create the new account with same email you used for registering account on PeepSo.com website and start translating here.

You’ll see all translations are classified per individual plugin as “Projects”, so if you want to translate Photos plugin for example, you’ll simply open Photos Project, then chose your language and start translating.


To prevent abuse of the translation work, Validator role is introduced. Because it is practically impossible for one person to know and translate all languages of this world, Validator is the person who maintain and approve (validates) all translations within single language. Every translation must be validated before it is included in the final PeepSo release.

It is recommended that you apply for the role of Validator for the language you are planning to translate as soon as you create account here so you can validate translations as you make them and significantly speed up the process of translation. You can apply for the Validator role in the Translators Group on PeepSo.com